Brandmap logo

Brandmap headed style commonly used in white or black logo. Map symbolizes the idea, its path from the first idea to the final product.

Brandmap corporate identity created in 2013.

Brandmap graphical elements

Graphical elements borrowed from the form of the logo, but the color palette, graphic representation in the form of a reciprocal graphics size ratio and help can be very different.

Brandmap graphic symbol system

Graphic symbol system ir for marking objects, directions, services. All this is presented in a clear, minimalist and common style.

Visualization of business cards

Business card visualization to see how they would look in real life.

Brandmap business cards

For Brandmap corporate identity was created 101 unit of different themed business cards. Although each business is unique in its color, illustrations, but retains a corporate-style awareness and integrity.

Brandmap corporate car

Brandmap poster "The truth is on"

Creation of Brandmap graphic forms


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