Dupondius corporate identity manual (brandbook)

Corporate identity content: 

  • Logo (main logo, logo structure, space, color, grayscale logo, one color logo, using logo on the background, the minimum size of the logo, unauthorized use of the logo)
  • Documents (business cards, letterheads, invoice, commercial offer, portfolio, e-mail signature)
  • Fonts (main, secondary)

Corporate indentity created in 2013 m.

Dupondius links:
Logo design 

Dupondius main logo

The main logo consists of two colors: red, black and black tint percentage. The logo can not be used on a dark background. Dark background is used to adjust with additional logo

Horizontal logo

If there is limited space, can be used additional logo for horozontal spaces.

Logo for dark background

When can not use the logo on a light background, can be used the extra logo for dark background.

Dupondius logo proportions grid

In order to maintain a neat, equal logo across the companys corporate style, it is necessary to take into the proportions grid of the logo.

Dupondius document use instructions

In brandbook shows how to create documents that reflect the company's style.

Dupondius business card visualization


Vytautas Kazla

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